These are some pieces I’ve always wanted to invest in for school. I found some discounted authentic sellers online but I’m still worried about a few things.

I’ve been eyeing Sierra Brown Rainbows ever since I moved to SB. I had some cheapy brown sandals from F21 that did the job, but they finally broke down in Hawaii. So I think it’s time to move on. I’m a size usually a 7 in women’s. Rainbows size small (5.5-6.5) or a medium (6.5-7.5) and I find myself needing a smaller size with open toed foot wear. So I’m debating between small (or even buying the largest kids size to save money) or a medium. I even took a ruler and literally measured my foot according to their size chart! So if any of you guys own a pair of Rainbows please let me know if they run true to size.

ALSO, I’m tired of skipping class just because it’s raining. If you bike to class like I do, you know riding in the rain is no bueno. I was thinking about getting the Resolve (center) or the Venture (right). The Resolve is $10 cheaper but I don’t like how high the collar is. I’m also not sure if I’d be a small or extra small! Damn, I’m a hot mess.

Or Tumblr, you could even do me one better, and write out cheaper alternatives to super comfy sandals and rainwear. Cause I could care less about brand names. Help a brotha out?

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